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THAW Customer Assistance Day: Helping Those In Need Find Heat, Warmth

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With a cold winter season about to set in, those in danger of not being able to pay their heating bills are reminded — help is available. The Heat And Warmth Fund (THAW) will be holding another Customer Assistance Day event Thursday, at Fellowship Chapel on Detroit’s west side.

Matthew Phillips, THAW’s chief operating officer, who says $17 million in heating assistance was distributed to Michigan families in need last year.

“At THAW our entire goal is to stabilize and empower families. To keep them healthy, safe and warm. That’s it,” says Phillips.

Phillips says THAW meets people where they are at.

“It’s something that we like to do — where we can reach those individuals that are facing a crisis – an energy crisis whether that’s heating or with their lights – where they can come out and visit us face-to-face.”

Among them, is Zena from Detroit, who says it’s difficult to ask for aid; “Sometimes it’s hard but you have to put pride aside.”