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Gifts of publicly traded securities that have appreciated allow you to avoid capital gains taxes while also receiving a tax deduction for your contribution. THAW benefits by selling the stock without paying taxes on the gain, and you benefit from making a contribution that would be larger than what you might have been able to donate in cash.

The following are the instructions for transfer of stock to THAW’s broker,
Receiving account: Charles Schwab & Co.
Receiving account number: 8946-9467
DTC Number/Instructions: 0164, Code 40
Reference: (name of donor)

Before a transfer of stock is made, we ask that you please notify us at [email protected] with the name of stock(s), number of shares, donor’s brokerage house and contact name, and donor name(s), so we may monitor our account for the expected transfer and process your gift accurately.

Additional information you may find useful:
Tax ID: 38-2646924
Broker Contact: Linda Meadows, (734) 665-1455

Please don’t hesitate to contact Sarah Prues, Vice President for Development at (313)  348-3108.