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Planned and Estate Giving

Make a big impact with a future gift

Generosity comes in many forms, and it’s often the best way for you to support important causes that matter the most to you in your life. When you give to THAW, you help us make a difference.

Reflect Your Values Through Your Will
It’s More Than a Piece of Paper

A will is the most important document you can create. Though often seen as simply a legal document that only those trained to read it can understand, it is so much more.

Your will is your legacy. It dictates how you will be remembered and can be created to reflect your values. That’s why, no matter your age or wealth status, you should be sure to take time to consider this important document this year.

Use your will to:

  • Name a guardian for minor children and dependent adults.
  • Dictate how you want your assets to be distributed.
  • Ensure your pets are taken care of.
  • Reduce the administrative expenses of your estate.
  • Make sure your support for the organizations you love, like THAW, continues.

There’s an easy way for you to continue supporting our work without giving anything today: by including a gift to THAW in your will.

Advantages of a Gift in Your Will:

  • As little as one sentence in your will or living trust is all that is needed to complete your gift.
  • Until your will or trust goes into effect, you are free to alter your plans as needed to reflect life’s changes.
  • You can give a specific item, an amount of money, a gift contingent upon certain events, or a percentage of your estate.

Your estate planning attorney can help you structure a gift so your loved ones will be taken care of first after you’re gone. They will include special language in the will or living trust you create or add it to existing documents through an amendment called a codicil.

Already Have a Will?

Great! Make sure it is up to date. It’s a good idea to review your will regularly or when you experience a life event such as a marriage, birth or move. This makes sure your will accomplishes what you want and takes your current state’s law into consideration.

To learn more about making a gift to support THAW in your will, contact Sarah Prues at [email protected] or 313.348.3108.