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Meet Carlanda and Anzio, an iHEAL Families Success Story

Local 4 News recently interviewed a family that was helped by THAW’s iHEAL Families program for the medically vulnerable. You can watch the whole story on the Local 4 News website,

Carlanda is a single mother living in Detroit, who has spent years in and out of the hospital with her second child, Anzio, who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at an early age. He’s been cancer-free for more than 20 years now, but he has undergone multiple surgeries and still needs more treatment.

In addition to caring for her children, she also cared for her ailing parents, and the bills piled up. Soon, she was struggling to keep her heat and lights on. One day, her doctor asked if she needed help with her electric bill. Carlanda called THAW and spoke to one of our Utility Assistance Specialists, Courtney.

“Courtney made me feel like a person,” Hawkins said. “She never made me feel like a person standing in line waiting for a handout or anything like that. That meant a lot to me because I have a lot of pride in how I take care of my family.”

Now, instead of worrying about bills, Hawkins and Anzio are looking ahead. Anzio hopes to one day to become an electrician so he can help build or work with an organization like THAW.

Watch their story on Local 4 News,