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90-year-old woman living without heat and hot water needs help

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“I’m just, I’m surviving. And it’s hard.”

The cold snap just got colder for 90-year-old Laura McCrory. She’s been living without heat, and has been using her oven to keep warm after a botched furnace repair job earlier this year.

“You know, usually the oven is on 350 but as I try to make it go up higher it won’t go up any higher than that,” she says.

“It’s really sad. I couldn’t sleep. I just met her on Saturday and I haven’t been able to sleep,” said Kehly Matthews. “I’ve been thinking of ways and asking everybody I know, the places I can call to get her some help.”

Matthews is a social worker for Crystal Home Healthcare who got wind of her story and called FOX 2.

We both called THAW, The Heating and Warmth Fund. Now they are stepping in to provide new appliances for McCrory. But THAW cannot do it alone.

Ms. McCrory’s home needs electrical and roofing work and THAW is hoping other organizations or companies will step in and tackle those issues so she can stay safe and warm in her home this Christmas.