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President Trump’s 2018 budget plan met with protests

Congressman Sander Levin wants to put the brakes on President Donald Trump’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2018

“He talks about America first. In terms of his budget for so many, from the youngest to the oldest, it would be Americans last.”

Believing there is power in numbers, Levin gathered community leaders to spell out, what they believe is, the negative impact of the proposed budget.

“As mayor, a lot of key strategies for the upcoming year depend on CDBG money, and this cut  goes too far,” said Royal Oak Mayor Mike Fournier.

“This budget – make no mistake about it – If passed in current form will cause people to die,” said Andrew Sarpolis of the Sierra Club.

“This is a budget proposal that screams the only thing that matters are corporate polluter’s profits.”

Agencies that provide assistance to low income Michigan residents say vital services would disappear.