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MiWATER (Michigan Water Assistance Through Efficiency and Repairs) Program

To apply for WATER ASSISTANCE click the link below. For those interested in the MiWATER Program, please be sure to answer the question on the application regarding Covid.



THAW’s MiWATER Program supports healthy housing for financially insecure residents by maintaining water services.


MiWATER Program has four components that may provide applicant assistance in with one or more of the following: 

  1.  Water Bill Payments for residential customers in Michigan who have a PAST due water bill, up to $2500 per household.
  2. Water Conservation includes an assessment, conservation education and training, and water efficiency supplies.
  3.  Remediation, including minor plumbing repairs designed to reduce water consumption.
  4.  Supportive Services, including wrap-around services and internal and external linkages to resources.


MiWATER Program will roll out in 2 phases. We are currently accepting applications for Phase 1.  Phase 2 will roll-out later in Summer 2024.


Phase 1

Provides direct water bill payment assistance for residential customers throughout the state of Michigan with past-due water bills.

You are eligible for support from this program if:

  • Residential customer in Michigan
  • Income at or below 300% FPL
  • Proof that you are responsible for paying the water bill
  • Past due water bill
  • Experienced covid-hardship


Phase 2

Provides water conservation and remediation assistance to Wayne, Oakland, or Macomb County resident. Customers in this phase will receive more intensive services designed to conserve water through education and training, in-home assessment, remediation, or minor plumbing repairs to address the most common cause of high-water usage, leaks.


You are eligible for support from this program if:

  • Residential customer in Wayne, Oakland, or Macomb County
  • Income at or below 300% FPL
  • Provide proof of water bill payment responsibility
  • High water usage/consumption
  • Homeowner or landlord approval and agreement to keep rent affordable

MiWATER Household Income Requirements

Household Size Annual Income 300% of FPL
1 $38,640
2 $52,260
3 $65,880
4 $79,500
5 $93,120
6 $106,740
7 $120,360
8 $133,980