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Faces of THAW: Artiss and Robert Jackson

Portrait of Artiss and Robert Jackson

Artiss and Robert Jackson are usually the ones to help others. They recently came to THAW because they found themselves in need.

Mrs. Artiss Jackson and her husband, Robert, have always been there for others when they needed help.

When Mrs. Jackson’s four kids were young, she often cooked extra food at dinner time, in case any neighborhood kids wanted or needed to stay for a hot meal. Even after her kids were adults, her home was open to grandchildren and kids from their community or church who needed a safe place to stay.

“They rely on us for help.”


Mrs. Jackson explains why they give so much: “My mother told me, ‘never take for granted what you have, because in the blink of an eye, you can have nothing.’ So, whenever someone says they’re in trouble and need some help, why say no?

Two children in front of pumpkins for sale.

Two of Mrs. Jackson’s grandchildren when they were young, both are now thriving in high school.

When Robert lost his job, he went back to school to get his GED. They worked hard to keep up with their bills while raising their grandchildren on just one income. They did the best they could, but it became difficult. They found themselves in the position of needing help.

Sometimes, you’re making ends meet. And sometimes you’re not making anything meet; you’re just running around in circles.

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson attended THAW’s Customer Assistance Day at Eastern Market in Detroit. They worked with THAW staff and received help with their high gas bill. It was a huge relief to them.

“All I could do was cry, because we didn’t know what bill we weren’t going to pay. We are just grateful.

Because of THAW, the Jacksons can now focus on raising their grandchildren in their safe, warm and welcoming home. Keep more children safe by making a gift today.