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Brightmoor Energy & Water Assistance Program

Residents of Brightmoor with minor children and with incomes at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level are eligible to receive energy and water assistance through the Brightmoor Energy & Water Assistance Program. THAW works closely with The Brightmoor Alliance and its coalition of organizations to serve northwest Detroit’s Brightmoor community. Their energy & water assistance program helps hundreds of families each year. Assistance funds are limited and distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.


You are eligible for support from this program if:

  • Your account must be residential (not a commercial account).
  • Account must have a past due balance.
  • The household ZIP code must be either 48219 or 48223.
  • At least one child age 0 to 18 years old must reside in the household.
  • Account must be in the applicant’s name. If the account is not in the applicant’s name, the applicant must provide
    • A written explanation as to why the responsible party listed on the utility bill is not the one applying for assistance
    • A document verifying that the applicant resides at the service address
    • All other documents are required to process the application.
  • Applicants must pay unauthorized usage charges and security fees.

Household Income Requirements

Household Size Monthly Income
1 $2,127
2 $2,873
3 $3,620
4 $4,367
5 $5.113
6 $5,860
7 $6,607
8 $7,353

Eligible households must be at or below 200% FPL. The following 2020

guidelines for monthly household income will be in effect:

* For each additional household member, add $373

Frequently Asked Questions

What area of Brightmoor does this program serve?

Residents in zip codes 48219 and 48223 are eligible to apply.

I don’t meet the eligibility requirements, am I still eligible for any programs THAW offers?

THAW encourages you to complete its application for assistance. THAW has programs available that you may qualify for.

I need help completing my THAW application for assistance!

Call 1-800-866-8429 and one of our Utility Assistance Center associates can help guide you through the application process.