Program FAQs

I am in need of utility assistance. Where should I go?

Contact our 800 line at 1-800-866-THAW (8429) or use our agency locator to find an agency near you.

I have contacted several THAW referral agencies and have not received a call back. What should I do?

THAW can not control the volume of customers at each agency. Many of our agencies run programs other than THAW and have an intake process for servicing customers who are seeking THAW assistance. Please continue contacting the agency to schedule an appointment.

I contacted THAW’s 800 line and there is no THAW agency within my area. What should I do?

THAW is continuing to expand our service territory and plan to become a state-wide agency but this takes time. Contact United Way by dialing 211 on your phone for other resource information.

I am in need of assistance but do not qualify for THAW programs. What should I do?

THAW services a specific population but there are times when an extreme hardship is placed on a individual or family. The utility company is there to help but you must take the first step. Below are a list of contact numbers for our partnering utility companies:

  • DTE Energy (1.800.477.4747)
  • Consumers Energy (1.800.477.5050)
  • SEMCO (1.800.624.2019)
What are the current income level requirements?