Program FAQs

I am in need of utility assistance. Where should I go?

You can get help from THAW in a number of ways.

– Visit our Programs page to learn about the programs we currently have available, apply online, or download an application.

– Apply in person at a Customer Assistance Day (CAD). Any upcoming CADs are listed on our Events page.

– Use our Agency Locator to find a partner agency site near you.

– Visit THAW’s office M-F 8:30a.m.-5:00p.m. to apply in person.

– Contact our Utility Assistance Center at 1-800-866-THAW (8429) with questions.

I am in need of assistance but do not qualify for THAW programs. What should I do?

THAW services a specific population but there are times when an extreme hardship is placed on a individual or family. The utility company is there to help but you must take the first step. Below are a list of contact numbers for our partnering utility companies:

  • DTE Energy (1.800.477.4747)
  • Consumers Energy (1.800.477.5050)
  • SEMCO (1.800.624.2019)
Where can I find a list and map of THAW partner agencies?

You can use our Agency Locator to find a partner agency site near you.

What are the current income level requirements?

Most of our household income requirements are determined by the federal and state government. You can find the income requirements for each of our programs by clicking on the blue “View More Information” button listed under each program on the Programs page.