DTE LSP Affordable Payment Plan Program

DTE LSP Program

The Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW), a leading provider of energy assistance, wants
to make it easier for you to get the help you need on your DTE Energy bill. This year,
THAW is offering the following LSP program for eligible DTE customers:

THAW can enroll eligible DTE Energy customers in an affordable rate plan program which can lower the amount of your monthly bill and relieve a portion of your arrears over a two-year period.

  • • Freezes your past due balance
  • • Monthly, affordable budget payment based on household income
  • • Program pays the difference between your actual bill and budget payment amount
  • • Past due balance forgiveness
  • • Shut off protection and no late fees during enrollment
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  • The DTE LSP program offers a reduced monthly payment based on your income.
  • The program will pay the difference between your plan amount and monthly bill.
  • Past due balance forgiveness.
  • No late fees and service is protected from disconnection during enrollment.

Eligibility Requirements

  • • Account must be residential, not commercial.
  • • Account must have a past due balance.
  • • Household must meet the income guidelines below.
  • • Utility service must be active.
  • • Account must be in the applicant’s name. If not, the applicant must explain why and provide verification that he/she resides at the service address.
  • • Applicant must pay any unauthorized usage charges and security fees.
  • • Arrears (past due balance) must be less than $4000 at the time of LSP enrollment.

Income Requirements

Eligible households must be at or below 150% FPL