Brightmoor Energy & Water Assistance Program

For families with children residing or attending schools in Detroit’s 48219 and 48223 zip codes

If you need help paying for your residential utility (electric, gas and/or water) bill, you can apply for assistance online or download and print to mail the application to:

The Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW)

535 Griswold St., Suite 200

Detroit, MI  48226

Apply Online Download and Print


  • For families with children residing or attending schools in Detroit's 48219 and 48223 zip codes

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must reside in the following zip code areas: 48219 or 48223.
  • Applicant must have at least one child (18 years or younger) in the home;
    • Proof for at least one of the minor children is required (shot record, birth certificate, report card or verification that minor child attends school in Brightmoor zip codes.
  • Total owing cannot exceed $3000.00 for combined (heat and electricity) accounts.
  • Total owing for Water cannot exceed $1250.00
  • Account must be in the applicant's name. If not, the applicant must accept responsibility for the bill.
  • Proof of residency and responsibility for water account holder/applicant (copy of deed/mortgage statement with name of applicant listed, lease agreement that shows applicant is responsible for water payments.
  • Account must be residential (not a commercial account).
  • Applicant must pay for unauthorized usage and security fees.
  • Account must have a past due balance (usage arrearage).
  • Current Michigan driver’s license or State photo ID.
  • Copy of the Applicant’s Social Security card AND Social Security numbers for all other household members.
  • Current DTE bill and/or DWSD water bill (or printout from the water department).
  • Income must be at or below 200% of the current Federal Poverty Guidelines .

Income Requirements

Eligible households must be at or below 200% Federal Poverty Level. The following 2020 guidelines for monthly household income will be in effect:

Household Size Monthly Income
1 2,127.00
2 2,873.00
3 3,620.00
4 4,367.00
5 5,113.00
6 5,860.00

For each additional household member add $373.00