Assistance Programs



The Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW), a leading provider of energy assistance, wants to make it easier
for you to get the help you need on your Consumers Energy bill. This year, THAW is offering the
following CARE program for eligible Consumers Energy customers.

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  • Monthly credit up to 40% based on income level.
  • A portion of your bill will be paid by the program.
  • Past due balance forgiveness.
  • Shut off protection.

Eligibility Requirements

  • • Account must be residential, not commercial.
  • • Account must have a past due balance.
  • • Household must meet the income guidelines below.
  • • Utility service must be active.
  • • Account must be in the applicant’s name or the spouse of the account holder.
  • • Applicant must pay any unauthorized usage charges and security fees.
  • • Arrears (past due balance) must be less than $4000 at the time of CARE enrollment.

Income Requirements

Eligible households must be at or below 150% FPL. The following 2019 guidelines for monthly household income will apply:

Household Size Monthly Income
1 1,518.00
2 2,058.00
3 2,598.00
4 3,138.00
5 3,678.00
6 4,218.00
7 4,758.00
8 5,298.00

For each additional household member, add $360.00.